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When life brings it’s challenges, reaching out for professional support can help us navigate the tides. Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or not, life brings times when we are feeling stuck, lost, hopeless or at the end of the line. 

Wherever you are at on your spiritual journey, you probably understand already that life brings us challenges to increasingly wake up. Challenges deepen awareness, expand consciousness and take us on a journey to release that which has outlived it’s purpose, so we can enter into knowing more of ourselves. It’s sometimes difficult to do this journey all alone. We all need to be able to ask for support when we need it – we are not islands. I am here to help you move through your time of difficulty. 

My highest intention is to restore your deepest Divine nature – which will bring peace, wisdom, power and love, regardless of what you are experiencing.

If You Are Experiencing One Of The Following…

I am stuck and I don’t know why

I want to have self-worth and love for myself

I am longing for a healthy and loving partnership but feel blocked

I am are an empath and want to know how to work with that

I find social situations difficult or have social aniexty

I need something different to conventional therapy

I want help with my fears, emotion or traumatic memories

I want to know how to work with my negative thoughts

I am very critical of myself and I get judged and criticised by others too

I want to know how to create better relationships

I want to know how to work with depression

I want to understand who I am, why I am here, my Soul Purpose

I feel like I am being called to completely transform

I want more from life

I have read lots of self development or new age books but don’t know how and what to put it into practise

I am dealing with change or need to make a life-changing decision and need support with that

I have recently been undergone a spiritual awakening and want to explore what it means for me and where to take it

I have lost someone or something very dear to me

I have had a difficult experience of spirituality, spiritual awakening or crisis, negative energies and need support

I’m experiencing an extreme state of consciousness expansion, and want to find ways of working with this

I am drawn to the Goddess, Divine Feminine or the idea of awakening and want to connect deeper with that

I have a very specific issue that I want help with

I feel drawn to you and intuitively found my way to this website and love reading your blog

What Is Spiritual Counselling & What Makes Spiritual Counselling Different?

Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling that takes a spiritual perspective on life. It is a powerful, innovative and holistic therapeutic approach combining many paradigms, approaches and tools. While there is no one tool that will resolve all your problems, some are more effective than others. Different problems and different people need different approaches. Over the ten years of my practise, I have gained a deep understanding of what spiritual tools work best. I am here to share that with you.

I incorporate a multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional approach combining transpersonal, person-centred and process-oriented ethos, theory and practise.  I also combine this with working shamanically with spiritual realms – the sacred fire, Ascended Masters, the Goddess tradition and other spiritual realms.  I bring together different systems with Astrology and the Earth Path (aka Soul Plan) to delineate your soul’s intentions and your Divine purpose.

How I work

I work like a Taoist and shaman, following and unfolding process awareness in the moment and noticing what is already there – that for me, is how the Divine is always speaking through us. The deepest transformations arise from being aligned with what’s arising for you in the moment.  Following the Tao, which is a feminine path, keeps us working with our natural rhythm and moving into action from that place. Not getting too ahead of ourselves, learning how to better discern what is and what is not for us.

I work very creatively combining energy medicine, breathwork, role play, gestalt work, body-mind therapies, DNA work, soul fragment/soul retrieval, ancestral and past life work, forgiveness and belief release work, traditional and ancient traditions like Qi gong, ritual and meditation. Awareness with breath is also important, as well as gathering and releasing energy through breath and the sacred fire.

I weave a fluid, versatile approach which at the heart is a pure link to the Goddess force, spirit and my own awareness. I have a strong focus on subtle awareness experienced within, through and around the body, so while talking is always necessary, connecting with our body wisdom, which is the soul’s messenger, is equally important.  In fact, to embrace more of our wholeness, we need to mine all channels of our experience and awareness – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, proprioception, relationship and world. I support clients to connect with and draw guidance from their own unique connection with their divinity. We create space for Divine Power, Love and Wisdom to enter in, restoring our purity of heart, our strength of will and our perspective through wisdom.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a healing approach where you learn the tools yourself, then purchase The Abundant Goddess Online Programme & Immersion, which includes a full Astrology & Earth Path Reading, The Abundant Goddess Workshop, The Abundant Goddess Online Programme, and 5 months email support from me and 40 transformational tools, all for just £295.

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If your hunch is to ‘get in touch’ then I invite you to follow that.

Translating all the abstract New Age theories on loving yourself into real life can be one of the stumbling blocks. I have been down this path, I know what it takes, and I understand the mechanics of healing and what creates our personal reality. This is not something you can learn in a book or even a few books, it’s actually taken me commitment, time, money, energy, training and balls, and some very, very good teachers to get to where I am now.  I would love to share my tools with you and help you get over your own personal stumbling blocks.

How do you know if I’m right for you? Read my about page, look at my training, and feel into the depth of my experience.

If I fail to awaken your curiousity, and you only take one thing away, then know that the answers are always within you, and that you are incredibly powerful, beyond any stretch of your imagination, and that actually, there’s far less standing in your way than what you think.


“Kate has a peculiar ability to know exactly what’s going on for people; she will say just the right thing or ask just the right question; she will invoke soft yet powerful energy in just the right way for you; she will help you access the deepest and highest parts of your awareness and being; and she will create a safe space that feels just right for you for the day.”


“Amongst the noise, stress and pace of city living, it’s difficult for me to hear let alone trust the faint voice of intuition.  In moments of calm and reflection, when the confusion settles, I’m centred and know myself but those moments are fleeting and difficult to sustain; doubt often lurks around the corner.  I was impressed at how accurately you described the “real” me and my relationship to my past (what I thought were my private interpretations of those events).  When you described what were and would be the challenges of my life it was very much as if she were speaking on behalf of and amplifying that faint voice of intuition.  I regard myself as open but healthily wary of all things esoteric but I came away from the session with you feeling strangely reassured and connected to a profound sense of purpose. I was moved.  Thank you.”


“The programme has allowed me to really connect with my true self based on a deep knowing and trust. It has allowed me to heal, to understand, to blossom”

More On My Approach

Releasing & Making Space

There is an intrinsic beauty and symmetry in the universe.  Our problems are not to be viewed as something to eradicate.  Many of our problems are also keys to our transformation which we usually only acknowledge in hindsight. As Taoism teaches, conflict can be innately creative. When unfolded and correctly, we can make leaps in our consciousness.

But within our consciousness, in the realm of the unconscious, are our deep programmes of fear. Fear is what separates and polarises us. It is the deep rooted separation consciousness, eons old in human history. Fear programming is passed down through our lives and our ancestors, and unless healed, moves into the next incarnation or generation.

When we work in the unconscious and bring conscious light to it, witnessing, releasing and healing, we are working on our deepest fear. This is the process of remembering and restoring our deepest Divine nature, which is our Divine Birthright, before all the eons of destructive programming.

Aligning With Your Divine Goddess Self Within

Aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions – essentially our three haras – our belly, heart and third eye – and journeying up and down the chakra system is what brings our Life and Soul Purpose into real manifestation. When we have alignment, our minds are still and focused, we are in touch with the more subtle feelings in our body (they don’t need to shout), and our will and power take us into action without too much hestitation. We function more as a unity, rather than in parts, and we are centred in our hearts, the bridge of our chakras.

Our perceptions, values and beliefs create our reality, so knowing what’s serving you and what’s not and recreating new ways of thinking, feeling and believing moves us more into alignment with our Divinity. This in turn takes us towards making choices that support growth and flow in our lives.

Consciousness can function both within the body in a localised state or outside the body in non-localised state; when we access it, trust it and follow it, we come into alignment.  Our consciousness is what creates our reality.  We change our reality by working within our consciousness.

Working On Our Relationships

Relationships are the meeting point of souls so we are always working on relationships. When working with relationship issues, we need to take into consideration both the individuals and the whole relationship as a unit with a force and life of its own.

The relationship dream is the deeper spiritual bond, which brings and keeps people together. It’s like a theme the relationship pair are working with, but often from opposite ends of the continuum.

Unfolding the roles within the relationship and expressing what’s not easily said, the elephant in the room can also bring a deeper intimacy to our relationships – with both ourselves and others.

I support every variety of relationship and I am trained in relationship dynamics and conflict resolution in a way that focuses on the deeper spiritual meaning emerging from conflict.

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