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The Earth Path System

Soul Plan Readings

At the moment you were born and in your original birth name your limitless potential was coded. Only through knowing our blueprint can we unlock our fullest potential.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge with understanding helps explain why we magentise certain experiences and show us how to resolve blocks.

The Earth Path will decode your Soul Purpose, renew a sense of purpose, bring clarity and perhaps even illuminate a completely new direction. It gives us self-understanding, and helps us meet the world around us eye to eye.

With the world as overly complicated and crazy as it is, the Earth Path is one of the few tools capable of embracing both problem and solution. This is an incredible gift for us.

The Earth Path decodes the lessons, talents, goals and soul purpose of this lifetime. Knowledge of the life lessons we have agreed at a soul level for this life is a very liberating experience.  Knowing your Soul Blueprint – the energetic dynamics and life themes we have chosen to work with – can quickly accelerate you living out your Divine purpose.

Shamanic Tools

Shamanic Journeying

The past, present and future all exist in one moment. Quantum physics, fast becoming the more accepted reflection of true reality, describes how our reality as we think we know it, is just a small fraction of the multidimensional nature of who we are. If it is correct that there is only one moment of now, then all previous moments, for better or worse, exist in this moment. Of course, we are not experiencing every moment, our soul chooses what we are to experience. But at points in our lives, when those past timelines get activated through astrological planetary transits (if you study the charts of being who have died, then you will see that teir charts continue to active past death), the wound, past, issue comes right back up for healing, forgiveness and resolution. This concept of linear time, all time exisitng at once – means we can work in the spirit realm, on an energetic level to heal the wounds of our past energy selves from this life (birth, early distressing memories and limited belief systems), past lives (trauma, beliefs, contracts, passing over lost parts of our consciousness) and our ancestors (the 7 generations lived and forward – the important mother line, so we can embody the Divine Mother and any specific traumas). Our genes and DNA does not, however, control our biology. Instead it is our DNA that is controlled by signals from outside the cell (see Bruce Liptons work). What this means is that the energetic messages emanating from our beings, our positive and negative intentions and thoughts, can change the history within our DNA. We can change our history, both individually and collectively.

Past Life Clearing

Unbeknownst to many people, our past lives live very fully within us today as multidimensional aspects of us. They play out as parts of our personality, and sometimes have very strong roles in our lives. As you can imagine, life in the years gone by, was tough. We have many lives that are unresolved and still carry wounding. This wounding bleeds through as fears, limiting belief systems, phobias or life themes. These lives are are often responsible for the individuals we found relationships with – whether they be intimate or working relationships. We are essentially, through these relationships, trying to complete unfinished karmic contracts (i.e. I will help you heal this if you help me heal that). Past lives can come up for healing during certain astrological transits, progressions or while we are in certain relationships. They manifest as powerful emotions or fears – such as a fear of betrayal or loss.

Soul Retrieval

With soul retrieval work big, life-changing traumas result to large parts of the soul splitting off. That part of the soul represents perhaps the person’s inner child, vulnerability or the part that takes risks, feels safe etc. It can be absolutely any part. At a higher level, it might be a useful process for this part to be separated from the rest of the consciousness. It might allow access to a higher vibration, or allow the soul to fulfill a contract or experience it needed for growth. It is not always a simple process of bringing back these parts. Sometimes a lot of ground work needs to be done first. And sometimes the soul part has a better idea in mind. Either way, if you have encountered trauma in this or any other life, or your ancestors have also experienced severe trauma, then this work is essential for your full healing.

Spirit Release
Soul Vine Clearing
Ancestral Clearing

Our ancestors, which often we can trace back generations, made choices and decisions that ultimately impact us and the generations that comes after us. Their decisions and choices send our lives into a direction, for better or worse. It is often said, and it is represented in the astrology chart with the centaurs, that you need to heal the 7 generations. Our ancestors play out through our DNA. While our grandmother was carrying our mothers in her womb, we were being formed in our mothers ovaries. Isn’t that a strange thought. So whatever our grandmother was experiencing, we somehow have also inherited, either chemically or as I would also say, energetically. Our bodies are one dynamic and unfolding resonant system of vibrations, an orchestrated symphony, where every cell dances with a specific frequency. And that frequency is passed on, and on, and on. It is called the red thread. Energy in the form of unhealed wounds passes from our ancestors to us. The stories of our ancestors maybe all but forgotten but the energy lives on until someone pursues the healing.It may seem like we have led very different lives from our ancestors, but if you look a little closer, you will see yourself, your beliefs, your values, for better or worse, in yourself. The concept of linear time, all time exisitng at once – means we can work in the spirit realm, on an energetic level to heal the original wounds of our ancestors. The question is, are we going to carry on our mother line, or are we going to reset it to the essence of the Divine Mother – which is whom every woman is here to embody? If we do not heal our ancestors, if we do not heal our DNA, then we are quite simple programmed to become our mothers. As you transform the patterns and suffering of the generations that went before you, you are changing your own reality. On behalf of our ancestors, we are being asked to forgive, and call back our power, release what needs to be released and make peace with our past. We are all being called at different points to do this work, and it is a joy to have your ancestors on your side, working alongside you.

Soul Fragment Work

Soul fragments occur with seemingly minor events. But soul shattering is when they soul literally shatters like glass. In this case, it can leave a person with extreme disassociation and feeling very ungrounded. The process of restoring the soul in it’s entirety is an incredible powerful as a healing tool. I often wonder that if we took this healing tool to communities around the world where rape was commonplace, women would feel much more empowered and able to move on after such a huge trauma and violation. Fragmentation is also an issue in past and ancestral lives. If at a core soul level, our consciousness has fragmented, then we have most likely experienced many further issues in that life and the life will need healing for that part of your multidimensionality to feel witnessed and resolved.

Vow, Contract, Agreement Break
DNA Healing

Our so-called 12 strand DNA is not a physiological phenomenon, it is not in our physical dimension of experience. The restoring of our 12 strands means a realignment with all the different levels of multidimensionality within ourselves. This alignment requires a relaxation, clarification and release of toxins from our systems, a flushing of the system, and flushing out primarily fear.

Fear is rooted in limiting, old beliefs, patterns, and self-identification. When we have bought into certain belief structures, those beliefs, by definition, do not give you the capability of seeing your whole self, your full multidimensionality – they narrow and limit your identity by identifying you with ‘something’.  Belief systems are self-reinforcing, self-contained and do not contain a definition that says we have an ability to go beyond that belief system.

If we can allow ourselves a foundational belief system that says all belief systems can be transmuted, then we are still in a limited reality. All belief systems can have a back door that will allow you access to another belief system easily and quickly, and effortlessly, and lovingly, and creatively, and joyfully. Fortunately we can now instantaneously change and transmute our belief systems with Divine consciousness and a large dose of awareness. But we must also transmute the memories that contain the belief systems. We need that anchor, otherwise we do not sufficiently witness the old pain that so needs to be compassionately held by us.

The idea to understand is not so much that the DNA is within us but that we are DNA itself. So we are the DNA being, “cellularly,” molecularly. We are consciousness expressing itself in physical reality as DNA – that being then surrounds itself, builds from itself, whatever kind of physical garment best fits its environment. By getting in touch with being DNA being, instead of the thinking of DNA as something within us, we can then get in touch with the ability to command and heal our DNA.

This is not a mysterious process, it is something that is simply a reflection of your intention, sent along the neurological pathways stemming from the DNA. At the same time the center of the hemispheres of the brain, what you call the Corpus Callosum, in that centre and guided by, to some degree, the pituitary and the pineal, is the idea of a true doorway, through which all Divine information pours into the neurological net of your auric chakric system.

By bringing together the idea of being a DNA being with the gateway in the centre of our brain, we create a very strong dynamic between those two concepts. That is a very, very powerful key to making changes within yourself neurologically, biologically, biochemically, energetically.

There are many different ways to go about getting in touch with being a DNA being. Use your imagination to feel the idea of going down smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller until you are a DNA helix within your body. Become that helix. Start to identify as it, and you will unlock powers you never imagined were possible in physical reality.

Our mind uses our past experiences and our future expectations to decide the meaning we give the present.  Memory is stored in our DNA  and despite contrary belief it is not a static, permanent structure – it is actually re-written all the time.  In other words, our DNA evolves. We are our DNA and our DNA is multidimensional.  To learn more about this, research the genome blueprint.

As we all know, we inherit our DNA. But we don’t only inherit it from our ancestors, we also inherit it from our past lives, and our past experiences. These all get stored, mostly unconsciously, in our DNA.

With the Wormhole DNA technique, a little known technique channelled and taught to me by my teacher, we can isolate a series of past or ancestral lives focused around one issue we have been experiencing in this life. Through a process of journeying to that life, and healing, we can bring the old painful pattern and beliefs closure.  That means we no longer experience that painful pattern in the same way, or to the same degree of trigger or intensity. I need to repeat this in another way, so you actually take it in, that means, you can permanently release painful, old, old patterns of repetitive experiences forever.

Let me explain a little more about repetitive patterns. Essentially, these are just unconscious or conscious memories (held at many levels of our dimensionality – this life, other lives and ancestors lives) that keep repeating themselves through the out-picturing of our perceptions.  Our Ancestor’s consciousness is alive in our DNA. Many of the issues we have worked on for several years, but cannot seem to clear, are actually the unresolved issues of our ancestors. This is why they persist and resist healing. They need to be resolved in the dimension it was created.

This technique takes you through the worm holes of your DNA strands, back to the old stories of your past lives and ancestors. You will find that the subtle issues these stories present will be surprisingly familiar to you as you recognise your personal connection to their processes.

The beauty is that while many of us feel destined to play out our unconscious fears, old patterns and emotional triggers in our relationships, this is quite simply not our fate, as I have seen in my own life and many clients lives. You can move beyond these old patterns through working with your DNA in this way.

What’s more, within our relationships are etheric codes which carry our unconscious contracts with others – often these are very subtle and not understood.  For instance, a simplified version goes something like this “I will carry your shame and guilt so you do not have to face your own actions” or “I will play dumb so you can feel cleverer than me and feel good about yourself”.  Why do we do this? Because we have a mistaken notion of love. We have forgotten what pure, unconditional love is and so play out lower vibrations of love – human love.

Our planet Gaia is vibrating at a level of consciousness that now demands karma be not processed or worked through over lifetimes, but released instantaneously. The ascension energies require quicker shifts of consciousness – we have so much to release.  This channelled, powerful technique allows us quick and strong access to our memories held within our DNA.  This is not the same as past life regression. It goes way beyond that. We do not just witness and relive our lives, we bring them into alignment with our Ascended selves and heal them with Divine consciousness.

If you learn how to follow a memory process the healing impact is often profound, bringing freedom to live our the highest aspects of ourselves without perceived limitations. Everybody has this ability, it just takes trusting your body, your senses and your intuition.

Part of the process of clearing the past is releasing etheric cords, dysfunctional unconscious contracts and forgiving the projections of your quantum field.  Clearing old patterns from your quantum field, which tie you to the past and prevent you from being present in an open hearted way with current or past relationships brings complete liberation. You have to experience it to believe it!

Healing This Life Shamanically

We have all had challenges in our lives, whether we consciously recall those challenges, they are vague memories or completely unconscious. We don’t need to remember a have an active, conscious memory for it to be have an impact. In fact, many individuals have painful unconscious memories, well hidden from their conscious mind, but nevertheless playing out patterns of rejection, abandonment, survival, loss and powerlessness. If you know in your early life, from prenatal to the age of three, your life went through big changes, then it’s worth understanding and witnessing that part of you. Your inner child (the inner male and female aspect), and even beyond this, can all hold trauma and chaotic emotions, buried in the depths of the body and cells. It’s not all gloom and doom though, while it might not be easy to know that we feel and remember everything on an energetic and feeling level (even when our conscious mind does not), you can heal these aspects of you without needing to consciously remember. It is also worth knowing that while you don’t recall in your everyday conscious state, when processing and unfolding in a session, these unhappy parts can quickly awaken to the call for witnessing and healing. Once this part of you that so needed the love and acceptance receives deeply what she or he needs, then the outpicturing from that early life in this current everyday reality, can begin to subside.

Ascended Masters & The sacred fire

Threefold Heart Flame

Threefold Flame

Ascended Masters
Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Purification Work

The Sacred Fire

The sacred fire is probably THE most powerful and versatile tool on this planet. There are actually 12 main sacred fires in total, but there are many others – like the Peach flame and the Frushia flame. But at the moment, for our purposes, it is best we just get to know the 3 main ones, which are the Violet Flame, the Rose Pink Flame and the Blue Flame. As with all the sacred fires, they hold a pure consciousness that when invoked and worked with, brings awareness and fresh understanding. They are not just tools for transmutation, they are tools for Divine understanding and fresh perspective from a more unified level of consciousness. On further note, we hold the gold, rose pink and blue flames, the holy trinity of the Father, Mother and Christ Consciousness (the holy trinity) within the centre of our heart and it sustains of our physical garment, giving us our life force and enabling us to be in a body.

Once the three main flames have been used for some time, it’s possible to then work with the White Fire, which brings a strong and sometimes quick acceleration for purification purposes – it is also known as the Ascension Flame for that reason.

Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a combination of the Roses Pink Flame of the Divine Mother and the Sacred Blue Flame of the Divine Father. It is a forgiving flame that can be used to purify, transmute and release any negative emotion, belief system, or discordant energy that brings up fear or perceived limitation.

Blue Flame

The Blue Flame is the masculine aspect – the Divine Father. Its keeper is Archangel Michael. It is necessary to work with the Blue Flame if we are in need of strengthening our boundaries and protection so that the Divine Mother aspect within feels nurtured and safe. It’s feeling is very different to the Rose Pink Flame of the Divine Mother. It is a electric feel and you can see it as a blue lumincient flame. It is especially good for those with little access to the Divine Masculine energies and struggle to feel safe in this world.

White Fire

The purifying White Fire is also known as the Ascension Flame. It’s keeper is Serapis Bey. It is the White Light of the Mother, situated at the base of the spine. Through working extensively with the White Fire with a number of different practises, you can very quickly accelerate your path of healing. It is incredibly powerful. The White Fire can clear out deep old wounds from this life time and others (including ancestral) within a matter of minutes.

Rose Pink Flame

The Rose Pink Flame is the sacred fire of the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine. It is a soft, unconditionally loving vibration that brings peace, harmony and gentleness into our being. It is perfect for restoring balance in our hyper-yang world and reconnects us with the Divine Feminine, the missing part of our collective. The Blue Flame from the Divine Father, is a protective powerful flame. It is great for protecting your au

goddess tradition

Goddess Initiations
Goddess Self

Goddess Self


Raising frequency through multidimensionality work

22 Chakras & Beyond
Dream Figures
Mer-ka-vi,va,ba Work
9 Pointed Star - Soul Purpose

The Enery Body – subtle channels, meridians & chakras

Chinese Meridians
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Clearing belief systems &  memories

Quantum Memory Clearing
Belief Clearing

Working With DIFFERENT Levels Of Reality

Consensus Reality

Consensus reality – where healing needs to be anchored. This is the pure content of your story, the form, shape, details and structure before we unfold or explore deeper into the issue.  It’s calling a spade a spade. This is the significant stuff in life, often it affects us deeply and polarises us and this is not something that can be negated or denied, these are the real circumstances.

Essence or Sentient Level

Sentient or the essence level – where the pure impulse behind all energetic qualities is found.  For example, lets say someone is experiencing a knot in their neck – that knot for that person will hold a specific energetic quality which can be explored and unfolded through body, sound and feeling. Unfolding the impulse behind that quality gives access to a deeper essence level of being -its energy before it is distorted in this third dimensional reality. This is where the higher beings of light work from – Christ consciousness, the Ascended Masters and the Goddes.

Dreaming Level

Dreaming level – where our collective unconscious, mythic archetypal reality.  There is the personal unconscious and the deep transpersonal collective unconscious where the archetypal motives and themes exist.  This is the world of dreamland, of our sleeping dreams, our fantasies, our subjective experiences, our emotions and our projections, our feelings.  This is our way into non-ordinary reality.

Psychotherapy techniques

Process Work

Process Oriented Psychology is one of the foundations of my work. When disturbances or issues such as emotional issues, body symptoms, relationship conflicts and social issues are unfolded with curiosity and respect, then our experiences can be understood from a different level, a soul level. The roots of Processwork are Jungian psychology, quantum physics, systems theory, communication theory, Taoism and shamanism. Within Processwork, the key building concept is that the solution to your problem is contained within the problem itself. This is a Divine Feminine approach to therapy. Essentially, one that doesn’t try to fix, extricate or irradicate the problem, but let it’s source give you the remedy. When a therapist works in this way, they are flowing with the nature of the soul and the deepest healing can arise from that place.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Primary & Seconday Process
Polarisation Work

Polarisation work, if abuse or trauma has taken place, is a core element of the healing process. With abuse or trauma part of our soul can get trapped in time.  With soul retrieval work big life changing traumas result to large parts of the soul splitting off.  I’ve worked with two clients who have had a soul fragment split off due to going to hold their mothers hand only to find its not their mother! When we have experienced trauma of some kind, we tend to polarise quicker than most other people. The abuser or power is ‘out there’ and we can see them everywhere, especially in anything that somehow makes us a victim. Pulling back our power, and often releasing the abuser is core work to clearing energetic boundaries and supporting the individual to feel empowered again and not at the mercy of a changeable reality.

While this is work on a psychotherapeutic level, this work can also be done energetically with various different techniques using sacred fire and geometry.

Parts Therapy
Polarisation Work

Polarisation work, if abuse or trauma has taken place, is a core element of the healing process. With abuse or trauma part of our soul can get trapped in time.  With soul retrieval work big life changing traumas result to large parts of the soul splitting off.  I’ve worked with two clients who have had a soul fragment split off due to going to hold their mothers hand only to find its not their mother! When we have experienced trauma of some kind, we tend to polarise quicker than most other people. The abuser or power is ‘out there’ and we can see them everywhere, especially in anything that somehow makes us a victim. Pulling back our power, and often releasing the abuser is core work to clearing energetic boundaries and supporting the individual to feel empowered again and not at the mercy of a changeable reality.

While this is work on a psychotherapeutic level, this work can also be done energetically with various different techniques using sacred fire and geometry.

Physical Symptom Work
Role Play
Life Myth & Long Term Edges
Projections, Dreaming Up & Transference
Dream Work
Inner Child Work
Projections, Dreaming Up & Transference
Life Myth & Long Term Edges