Tools For Your Awakening

Indispensable Tools For Your Path of Awakening

Carefully Selected Tools Chosen For Your Path Of Awakening

Daily Meditations For Consciousness Expansion

A powerful introduction into how you can begin to fall in love with yourself through working with your own Divinity. This short meditation introduces you to your Abundant Goddess within. You are free to use this meditation as often as you like. Enjoy!

A beautiful meditation to introduce you to your ‘I am Presence’ – your Divinity that oversees and orchestrates every lifetime you have lived. It is designed to be just over 15 minutes long, and if you are able to introduce this meditation into a daily practice you will very quickly experience an expansion of your consciousness. Anchoring your ‘I am Presence’ into your life is a fundamental step towards creating bliss and joy in your life. This meditation is indispensable for ascension.

Earth Path System Online Training

Soul Plan Training


Learn this simple yet compelling, ancient esoteric system of name analysis that gives you access, connection and alignment with your true soul calling, purpose and destiny. It explains why you experience repetitive patterns in your life, attract certain relationships, experiences and karma, and reveal the deeper meaning of challenges in the context of your overall soul journey. It will prepare you to do Earth Path System readings both professionally or for fun. The Earth Path System will inspire you to move forward with the projects, dreams and visions that you want to manifest in the world.

New Moon Intention Setting Scrolls

A truly unique and limited edition, only available here. These New Moon intention-setting scrolls, channelled and activated by an artist to the kings and queens of this world. He wishes to remain anonymous owing to the powerful nature of his work, but his intention is to raise the consciousness of those who feel the calling from his guide. Every New Moon, set your intentions on your scroll in pencil which is then activated and sent out to the universe for manifestation. Each scroll is waxed, so you can easily erase and rewrite for the next New Moon; as a result they are reusable for a lifetime. Each scroll costs £120, there is limited availability.

Size: A4