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Are you searching for your soul’s freedom and new ways to open up to life? I’m glad you have found me. Discover your soul’s bliss through;

My spiritual-psychotherapeutic work offers Spiritual Counselling sessions which integrate psychotherapy and spiritual approaches. In sessions, I synthesise psychotherapy with your Astrology chart, Soul Plan chart and other spirtiual tools to birth new a beginnings in your life.

Call or email me to have an informal chat to see how we can take things forward.

If you are interested in enriching your spiritual path, or you are a holistic practitioner who wants to immerse themselves in this powerful work, check out my spiritual e-courses and immersions.

There are many other free resources on this site to support you to transform your life. Begin by receiving your FREE Earth Path Reading Summary and my New and Full Moon Astrological Weather emails. This is a perfect way to start getting in tune with your own ryththmical cycle.

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When Our Bodies Won’t Heal

We are living lives alienated, repressing and avoiding the body. This is a chronic issue, which cuts people off from their whole sense of self and causes many mental and emotional distress, physical illness, relationship conflict, and addictive behaviours. The reality...

How Do I Access My Own Truth?

… As the world pulls at my awareness with so many options? Our world throws hundreds of options at us everyday, how can we make the right choices? What are the determining factors that support us to know our own truth? How can we support ourselves to be less...

Why Living In The Present Moment Is So Hard?

Living in the moment is banded around like its the most normal thing to be doing. From new-agers to Buddhist spiritualists to even contemporary psychology, we are told make the most out of the present and stop living in the past or the future. It is precisely the fact...

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