Booking A Reading

Readings can take place in person, over skype or over the phone.

I work in two practises – Wandsworth Common, London, which is one stop from Clapham Junction, or my Nottinghamshire practise in Blidworth, near Mansfield.

My availability is daytime, evenings and weekends (I work either a Saturday or Sunday each week).

Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss a particular approach before booking, or just go ahead and book using the online payment system below after which I will email you for full details. I also accept cash payments.

A Customised Reading fee is £120 for 1.5 hours. Returning for readings within a year fee is £90 for 1.5 hour, after which it is £120.

If you are interested in s spiritual counselling session, please see here. 

If you are interested in workshops, online courses and programmes for transformation, see here

If you are interested in joining the sisterhood, Moon rituals and meeting other women, see here.

If you are interested in learning how to become a Spiritual Counsellor, see here

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

Love Kate

Complete 2 -Year Forecast

with Earth Path & Astrology
  • Change is inevitable. But predicting the kind of changes you can expect (at all levels) & when change will occur is invaluable. What you can expect:

  • Learn what type of change you can expect to enter your life.

  • Learn how best to manage that change.

  • Reveal the amazing opportunities and challenges on the way and how to capitalize on both.

  • Detailed predictions.

  • Covers all life themes and areas.


Relationship Compatibility Reading

with Earth Path & Astrology
£170/2 hrs
  • To truly have an mazing relationship, it’s critical that you understand your partner’s needs, desires, and triggers. But, this insight alone is only as useful as Cupid’s bow without an arrow until you understand how YOUR own unique relationship profile dances, plays, and sometimes battles with your partner’s. What you can expect:

  • Reveals hidden patterns, themes, and traits to successfully gauge the inner depths of your relationship. 

  • Unravels all the karmic lessons within this relationship, unfolding potential areas of conflict and life myth of the relationship.

  • Explain the deeper themes and higher dream or vision of the relationship.

  • Gives the perspective you need to go back to your relationship with a different point of view.  

Phone, Skype & In Person Readings

Readings can take place over skype, phone or in person at either my Wandsworth Common, London practise or my Nottinghamshire practise. Please indicate when your preference when you get in touch.

Cancellations & Rearranging Sessions

I have a late cancellation policy so before rearranging or cancelling sessions, please do note these charges – within 72 hours notice £45  (half fee) and within 48 hours £90 (full fee).  If you have a series of sessions, then it is applied to the rate you purcased.  I do not waver these charges.  I ask all my clients to honour and respect this policy and to rearrange sessions only when really required, and bear in mind regular cancelling or rearranging of sessions will be addressed in therapy. Thank you in advance for honouring this policy.