Difference Between Thought & Thinking

Difference Between Thought & Thinking

Understanding the difference between thinking and thought is really important when we begin to develop our intuitive faculties.  Most of us, and for most of the time, engage in the thinking process, or at least we think we do.  Or we are told we do. We are told we...
Coincidences & Synchronicities

Coincidences & Synchronicities

Some of us who have a belief in a a guiding essence like to hold a belief in coincidences and synchronicities.  I agree that through these the divine communicates with us, shows us the path and direction, and that everything is on track.  They are like signposts along...
How An Attitude Of Curiosity Improves Our Lives

How An Attitude Of Curiosity Improves Our Lives

We are always so quick to judge our experience.  We have a body experience and jump to a conclusion that we are ill or need painkillers.  Or perhaps we get sacked from our job and then assume this means we are not good enough. A curiosity for what’s within ourselves...
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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 29° Virgo 30' 28"
Moon 24° Libra 51' 55"
Mercury 16° Virgo 07' 56"
Venus 02° Virgo 47' 03"
Mars 10° Virgo 44' 40"
Jupiter 26° Libra 09' 47"
Saturn 21° Sagittarius 48' 17"
Uranus 27° Aries 35' 02" R
Neptune 12° Pisces 23' 20" R
Pluto 16° Capricorn 51' 53" R
Chiron 26° Pisces 25' 10" R
TrueNode 23° Leo 45' 35" R