Astrological & Earth Path Readings to Illuminate Your Divine Soul Purpose

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Master Your Challenges,

Harness Your Talents,

Realise Your Goals,

Fulfil Your Destiny.

Whether you are just curious or seriously looking for answers, a combined Astrological & Earth Path Reading with me will help illuminate what you need to know for your path of spiritual awakening.

It can help you if:

  • You need help with an issue or negative pattern

  • You’re looking for a change of direction in an area of your life

  • You’d like to know how to attract more love, wealth or abundance

  • Or (like many of us) you’re on a journey to discover & fulfill your life and Divine purpose – in other words, you want to know how you can be happy!

What You Receive, In A Nutshell

You will receive an abundance of spiritual direction, guidance and wisdom for your journey; all found in your Astrological and Earth Path Chart (aka Soul Plan). You will understand your soul’s purpose, your contracts, lessons, talents and goals. If you have a specific issue – then we customise it to look deeper at that.

Drop me an email if you want to learn which reading is best for you.

To Book A Reading

To book a reading, get in touch so we can organise a time.  Or if you are unsure which reading is best for you, then drop me an email or give me a call. The customised reading works for most people as it allows us to address exactly what you need. If you want to look at your relationship then go with the relationship compatibility reading. For returning clients who want to focus on forecast only, then the complete 2-year forecast is appropriate.

If you are looking for a reading and then the tools to heal – then book the Abundant Goddess Online Programme & Immersion, which includes over 40 transformational tools in a go at your own pace Abundant Goddess Online Programme, a full Astrology & Earth Path Reading, the Abundant Goddess Workshop, all for only £295.

How a Reading Helps

 At the moment you were born and in your original birth name your limitless potential was coded. Only through knowing our blueprint can we unlock our fullest potential. Knowledge is power. Knowledge with understanding helps explain why we magentise certain experiences and show us how to resolve blocks. A reading will decode your Soul Purpose, renew a sense of purpose, bring clarity and perhaps even illuminate a completely new direction.

Using astrology, the earth path, and other spiritual paths, and everything I’ve learned through working with people, I support people to seek self-understanding, and meet the world around you eye to eye. I don’t provide all the answers. I’m good at something much better, and more relevant, which is asking you the right question and helping you ask your own right questions.

With the world as overly complicated and crazy as it is, astrology and the earth path are two of the few tools capable of embracing both problem and solution. This is a gift which we need now like never before.

My approach within a reading is designed to point you inward, in a way that feels safe, reassuring and loving.

Knowledge of the life lessons we have agreed at a soul level for this life is a very liberating experience. A reading gives us this.  The challenges, talents, goals and Soul Purpose of our Soul Blueprint – the energetic dynamics and life themes we have chosen to work with.

Whether it’s a conscious decision, or a just an intuitive feeling that this knowledge is important for you, both are equally great reasons for booking a reading.

What does a reading entail?

I combine Astrology, which focuses on the time, date and place of birth with the Earth Path system (aka Soul Plan), which is your full birth name’s equivalent to an astrological reading.

Encrypted in our birth names and astrology are latent gifts and talents. Uncovering these encoded meanings unlocks and opens us up to our infinite potential. An Astrology and Earth Path reading is the simplest and quickest way to get aligned with your spiritual purpose.

Most people have heard about Astrology, but not everyone have heard of the Earth Path system. The Earth Path gives a foundation of the energies you are working with in this lifetime. Your original birth name holds information on purpose, direction, goals, as well as challenges, talents, skills and potential. I also use your astrological data to identify the strong themes and to give a more detailed information. If the Earth Path energies are the dish ingredients, the astrology is the measure, amount and flavours to add.

Scenarios are planned by your higher Self, the Divine Mind aspect, otherwise known as soul contracts that you yourself have chosen as growth lessons to assist you in moving into greater wisdom.

Lessons do not just entail ‘karma’ from other lifetimes, i.e. not a debt owed to one from another. It is better to see these as debts we owe to our Self, or better still, a balancing of the Divine Self. They are also there to serve us deeply, as the conflict and challenges experience allow us to grow in our awareness.

“Amongst the noise, stress and pace of city living, it’s difficult for me to hear let alone trust the faint voice of intuition.  In moments of calm and reflection, when the confusion settles, I’m centred and know myself but those moments are fleeting and difficult to sustain; doubt often lurks around the corner.  I was impressed at how accurately you described the “real” me and my relationship to my past (what I thought were my private interpretations of those events).  When you described what were and would be the challenges of my life it was very much as if she were speaking on behalf of and amplifying that faint voice of intuition.  I regard myself as open but healthily wary of all things esoteric but I came away from the session with you feeling strangely reassured and connected to a profound sense of purpose. I was moved.  Thank you.” 

Albi, Sound Healer

Complete 2 -Year Forecast

with Earth Path & Astrology
  • Change is inevitable. But predicting the kind of changes you can expect (at all levels) & when change will occur is invaluable. What you can expect:

  • Learn what type of change you can expect to enter your life.

  • Learn how best to manage that change.

  • Reveal the amazing opportunities and challenges on the way and how to capitalise on both.

  • Detailed predictions.

  • Covers all life themes and areas.


Relationship Compatibility Reading

with Earth Path & Astrology
£170/2 hrs
  • To truly have an mazing relationship, it’s critical that you understand your partner’s needs, desires, and triggers. But, this insight alone is only as useful as Cupid’s bow without an arrow until you understand how YOUR own unique relationship profile dances, plays, and sometimes battles with your partner’s. What you can expect:

  • Reveals hidden patterns, themes, and traits to successfully gauge the inner depths of your relationship. 

  • Unravels all the karmic lessons within this relationship, unfolding potential areas of conflict and life myth of the relationship.

  • Explain the deeper themes and higher dream or vision of the relationship.

  • Gives the perspective you need to go back to your relationship with a different point of view.  


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